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Rug Selection


We produce handmade rugs, cushions, throws and poufs. Our expertise of 25 years has allowed us to experiment with forms and trends on a global scale.

Browse through some popular designs from our catalogue.

Carpet in Living Room

Woven rugs are the most popular and have a widely recognised style

Brown Rugs

These are made using a tufting gun, and have a versatile design freedom


Simple, yet sophisticated, these are statement pieces to add class to any area 


These sit flat on the floor and feature easily recognisable geometric patterns

Pattern Rug

Persian origin design that features intricate motifs and ornaments

Stacked Floor Mat Rolls

Made using a specialised jacquard loom for enhanced textures


A durable, plant-based material that adds a rugged tone to rooms

Carpet of flowers

Digital and handprinted techniques to produce rich colours across materials

Three Girls

Rugs made for kids' rooms, with vibrant and fun patterns and shapes

Knitted Carpet

Weather-resistant rugs made to last outdoors

Antique Lanterns Displayed on the Floor

Made with a variety of materials for all kinds of seating scenarios

Grey Chair With Cushion

Add personality to sofas and beds with soft textiles

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