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Crumpled Fabric


We use a variety of materials in our design. Wool, cotton and jute are some of the natural fibres that are popular. In addition, we use PET (made from recycled plastic bottles), viscose, nylon and recycled chindi (cotton). Experimenting allows us to find more sustainable materials to adorn homes around the world.

Wool Material Features

A resilient, durable and heavy natural material, very popular in cold regions.

About PET Polyester

Made from plastic bottles recovered from oceans and landfills.

Cotton Features

Used since ancient times as a highly versatile, soft and durable material.

Recycled Yarn Features

Materials left over from mills, post-consumer clothing and recycling plants.

Jute Features

More sustainable and durable without needing maintenance.

Viscose Features

Synthetic fibre with high sheen and an ultra-soft touch adds radiance.

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