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Our Process

Producing thousands of rugs each month is no easy task. Yet our systems ensure that a consistent quality is delivered across all lines. With streamlined procedures, we ensure timely results.



Our designers are well-equipped experts. We feature an assortment of legacy, casual, contemporary, chic or classic styles. The versatile .styling allows us to cater to all sorts of tastes. We believe in a custom-tailored design approach that suits your needs.

Digital design
Colorful Lights



Our dyeing technique ensures colour accuracy by using sophisticated matching techniques. By using eco-friendly dyes at certified dyeing plants, we ensure that the dyeing process is safe for the environment.



We partner with a number of weavers specialising in different areas. By working with specialists in each weaving style, we ensure that quality is maintained and the art is passed down via experience. Hand-weaving, hand-tufting, shuttle weaving, and knotting are just some of the techniques promoted.

Carpet Weaving Loom


Quality Assurance

A set procedures are assigned to check carpets for thickness, humidity, abrasion, fastness and flammability. Our certifications are proof of quality assurance for our products as well as our ethical responsibility.



In adherence with client requirements, rugs are packed with the moisture resilient wrapping material and labelled with the appropriate safety and handling instructions before they are ready to be shipped.

Mover Packing
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