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Carpet manufacturing is an art that involves different processes and only those handcrafted pieces that pass the quality parameters are packaged and delivered to you.


Our carpet designers are well equipped experts and use the most advanced software for designing the stunning and elegant carpets.
The designs are an assortment of legacy, casual, contemporary, chic or classic styles and are aligned with the versatile looks and floor space covering requirements.
The carpet design team is skilled in floor aesthetics and visualizations that results in the beautiful floor covers.
Indian Art Gallery provides you with both - readymade designed carpets or handcrafted carpets that can be customized according to your carpeting needs.

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Our yarn is dyed using sophisticated techniques at affiliate dyeing plants, using the most advanced equipment and environment safe ingredients.

The dyes used in the production of rugs are eco-friendly and are safe for humans.

Some varieties of yarns that are dyed are silk, viscose, woolen, cotton, jute, acrylic, polyester and many more.


We partner with a number of weavers specialising in different areas. The affiliated weavers are skilled in weaving with the finest methods and with an eye to detail with respect to quality, design and outcome.

The various types of weaving handled at the manufacturing units are hand-knotted weaving, hand-tufted weaving, shuttle weaving, durries weaving etc

Weaving Threads


The quality standards are followed through each step so the finest quality carpets reach you that becomes part of your space. The carpets are checked for thickness, size, shape, colors, patterns and looks using

  • Carpet thickness test

  • Carpet humidity test

  • Carpet tuft withdrawal test

  • Carpet abrasion test

  • Crock meter test

  • Carpet flammability test


Post the quality conformance, the rugs are packed with the moisture resilient wrapping material with appropriate safety and handling instructions and are ready to be delivered.

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